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Ridgefield Youth Football: 2013 Season Information
Ridgefield encourages and supports the development of well-rounded individuals. This may include a variety of activities and interests. However, for a youth football/cheerleading program to flourish, it requires the commitment of its participants, parents and coaches. Practice during August is of paramount importance in how a team develops, both physically and in terms of its personnel being evaluated by the coaching staff. Therefore, players are expected to be at every practice. Coaches recommend that vacations be taken prior to the beginning of the football/cheer season.
For both football and cheerleading, a minimum of 6 hours of conditioning is required prior to contact for football and stunting for cheerleading.  This is a minimum requirement and does not reflect the actual time required to prepare an individual player or team/squad for competition.
During the first two weeks of practice, sessions will be held five nights a week.   During the season, practices will be limited to three nights a week.
Practice is mandatory.  If a player misses practice during the week, that player’s eligibility for participation in that week’s game is at the sole discretion of the coaching staff.
For purposes of defining attendance, a child that physically attends practice, but is unable to participate because of a physical condition, is considered to have attended practice. A child that is unable to participate physically in at least one practice during the week will be evaluated prior to the game by his/her head coach to determine the extent to which the child can play in the game.
Player team assignments are generally based on grade with some age and weight restrictions as outlined in the FCFL Policy and Procedures which can be viewed in their entirety at the FCFL website under Policy Documents (www.fairfieldcountyfootball.org).
2013 FCFL Weight Limits by Grade Level
Unlimited Positions
Eligible to play ALL positions
Limited Positions
Interior Line positions ONLY
Maximum Age by Feb 1.
Bantam 3 95 No Maximum 8
Bantam 4 105 No Maximum 9
Junior 5 115 No Maximum 10
Junior 6 125 No Maximum 11
Senior 7 140 No Maximum 12
Senior 8 155 No Maximum 13
Your registration fee ensures your child’s opportunity to learn about cheerleading and the game of football in accordance with the Policies and Procedures of the Fairfield County Football League in combination with the Ridgefield Youth Football League as outlined on both websites:
www.fairfieldcountyfootball.org               www.ridgefieldyouthfootball.org
Ridgefield encourages effective communications between players, parents and coaches. Please be assured that the raising of an issue, or team related matter, will not adversely impact the playing time, coaching and attention afforded your child. In the event that you or your child has an issue with one of the coaches, or if you or your child has any other team related matter, it should be addressed by observing the proper chain of communication. FIRST, speak with the head coach of your team. If you are unable, or unsuccessful, then please go to the VP of Cheerleading or the VP of Football, who is generally expected to be at the practice and game fields each day. Together, you will address the issue at that time. It is important to respect the expertise and judgment of your child's coaches when it comes to positions and playing time. If you feel that your child is meeting all of the above requirements, then the appropriate VP’s will reassess the individual situation with the coach.
The player is solely responsible for the equipment furnished by Ridgefield Youth Football.  The player must replace any equipment lost, damaged due to negligence or unreturned; otherwise your equipment deposit check will be deposited.  Notice of equipment hand-out times and locations will be communicated by coaches or team parents. If for some reason you are unable to make these times, please advise your coach or contact the Equipment Director (Football or Cheer). At that point the Organization will make our best efforts to outfit you child, but cannot guarantee that her/she will have their equipment in time to participate in practice drills with the rest of their team.
Any ALCOHOL or DRUG consumption by a participant will lead to suspension or possible dismissal from the team. Parents suspected to be under the influence of ALCOHOL or DRUGS will be escorted from the practice/game field. Smoking is also strictly prohibited on the practice and game fields, as well as parking lots. These are designated NO SMOKING zones by the State of Connecticut. Both are violations that are subject to having a parent or guardian removed from the field, having a grievance filed against them and could result in a member being suspended from the Ridgefield Youth Football and Cheer Association.
Parent involvement is crucial to Ridgefield’s Football and Cheer ongoing success. You will be required to assist with the operations of running a HOME game. Each team is responsible for supplying the necessary manpower to help with game day (HOME & AWAY) operations (i.e. announcing, chain crew, clock and most of all - MINIMUM PLAY REQUIREMENTS MONITOR). Without the necessary help, we will be forced to forfeit the game.  In addition to the game necessary volunteer needs we will also require help in staffing the concession stand and many other various fund raising activities throughout the season.
Your child MUST be picked up from practice/games on time.
The cheerleaders and players in our program have established themselves as hard working, competitive student-athletes making the most of every opportunity. Our goals for the upcoming season include having every child learn and participate in an organized and fundamentally sound competitive program. ALL children will be given the same opportunities to grow, develop and apply their skills. This does not mean however, that all participants will play the same amount of time from week to week.
We look forward to meeting each and every parent during the season. Thank you for your enthusiastic support!
Ridgefield Youth Football and Cheer - Board of Directors