We are a Fairfield County Football League www.fairfieldcountyfootball.org club. It is our goal to support the scholastic and athletic achievement of Ridgefield

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Flag Football Coaching Guideline

The program is intended to serve our players as an introduction to the game of football in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. Games are intended to serve as a learning tool and are not meant to be a competitive exercise. The focus should always be instructional and to keep the kids engaged having fun.

While we will keep score of games, the focus should not be of winning or losing. No records are going to be kept and there will be no playoffs.
Coaches should make every effort to ensure that playing time is evenly distributed. We do not think it is necessary to have formal play counting (an exercise that occurs in the tackle program), but with the small number of players per team, coaches should be able to mentally monitor even playing time.
In addition, all players should be given ample opportunity to run with the ball and to play quarterback. As a general rule, we recommend that all players run with the ball at least once per half.
Coaches should make every effort to ensure that games remain competitive and that there are no blow-outs. If a game begins to get one-sided, this is an opportunity to have less impact players run with the ball. We would be more than happy if every game ended up in a tie.

Generally, all practices should focus on:

  1. Conditioning
  2. Skill development
  3. Play Repetitions
  4. Scrimmages
  5. Sprints

The practices at this level are not long so you will need to be efficient with your time. Exhibit I are the conditioning exercises that are consistent with what the tackle teams are using as well as the high school players. These exercises were developed by Pete McClean, the strength and conditioning coach at RHS. Exhibit II provides some sample skill development drills. You may use these or feel free to develop your own. RYF will also soon be providing some sample plays You may use these or make up your own. At this level, we emphasize to keep it simple! Six to eight plays are enough for them to handle.

Daily Dynamic Warm Up
(Done over 25 yards w/ lines of 3 – this is not a race)

Dynamic Warm Up

Jog 25 yards
Knee Hugs - 15 yards – In walking motion pull knee to chest, jog remaining 10 yards
High Steps - 25 yards - Step so thigh is parallel to the ground
Leg Cradle – 15 yards – Walking motion grab ankle and knee and pull leg up, jog remaining 10 yards
Walking Quad – 25 yards – In walking motion grab ankle behind back and pull up to stretch
Wheeling Butt Kick - 25 yards – Kick one ankle at a time up to butt, then drive knee forward
Lunge & Twist - 15 yards – Forward lunge with 1/4 twist to open side – hands together out in front, jog remaining 10 yards
Spiderman Stretch – 15 yards – Sideways lunge, hand reaching to foot, back upright, jog remaining 10 yards
Backwards Shuffle – 25 yards – From Defensive 2 point stance – pump arms
Sideways Shuffle – 25 yards – No crossover of feet – no clicking heels together, stop, then 25 yards back facing the same way
Caryoke – 25 yards, then 25 yards back facing the same way
High Knee Skip (A Skip) – 25 yards

General Mobility(keep the same lines and have the kids step ahead so they are 5 yards apart)

Neck Clock – 5X Rt & Lt – Neck in circular motion
Arm Hugs – 5X held for a 3 count. Arms hug chest after stretching backwards Alternate which arm is on top
Arm Windmills Forward and Backward – 10 each way
Trunk Circles – 5X rt & lt – bend at waist and move torso in circle
Prisoner Squats – 5X – Arms straight in front, body weight squat
Heel-Toe Raise – 10X – up on toes, rock back on heels