We are a Fairfield County Football League www.fairfieldcountyfootball.org club. It is our goal to support the scholastic and athletic achievement of Ridgefield

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How a coach can correct or update a player's weight or uniform number:

Please note that NOT ALL COACHES HAVE THIS ACCESS. Only one administrator from each town will be granted this access.  For now, email change requests to

Click on “Admin
Put in your name (Two words)
Put in your team’s password (If you have lost your password, email
  and  request that it be sent to you. Make sure you state the name of your team example: Darien Grade 5 Blue)
Menu surf your way back to your team’s Roster page…by clicking on the Team  tab and entering your  team’s respective information in the boxes shown below: 
 Season:       League:       Team:   

and then clicking on the Roster tab in the left hand column.

 To change a player’s weight, click on the edit icon  that is to the left of his name. You can find the Weight box near the center of the player's profile. Make your changes and click on Submit.

To change a parent’s info, click directly on the parent’s name that is below the player’s name in parenthesis
Make your changes, and  click on Submit

To add an additional email address, click into the email address box, and a semi colon and a space after the existing email address and then type in the new additional address.

To add or change a player's uniform number on the Roster, click on the edit icon that is to the left of his name on the Roster. You can find the ## box near the bottom of the player's profile.

Make your changes, and  click on Submit