We are a Fairfield County Football League www.fairfieldcountyfootball.org club. It is our goal to support the scholastic and athletic achievement of Ridgefield

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How a coach can correct or update a player's or parent's contact info:

Ideally, you want PARENTS to update their own profile information to keep it current. Parents can do this by clicking on the "UPDATE MY ACCOUNT" menu item at the bottom of the Association Home Page. They need their email address and password to do this. Instructions are on the pages to walk them through the process.

It is the LEGAL GUARDIAN who created the family profile's responsibility to make any changes to address, phone numbers, email addresses AND adding additional parent/guardian profiles. PARENTS: PLEASE do not duplicate your family profiles to get around this policy. Duplicate profiles will be deleted on a periodic basis.

If you need help, ask the parent to contact the current person in charge of website administration and explain in detail what changes are needed and why.