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RYFC Fall 2020 COVID-19 GAMEDAY Safety Measures


We look forward to hosting you at Ridgefield High School.  Our goal this fall is to mitigate risk and provide a safe opportunity for the players to compete, and for limited spectators to attend.  We need to eliminate some of the off-field aspects of our games that we normally look forward to in order to accomplish our goal.  We kindly ask for your understanding and flexibility as we all navigate this together.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), participating in large gatherings presents an increased risk of potential exposure to infectious diseases like COVID-19.  All attendees of Fairfield County Football League (FCFL) games knowingly and willfully assume these risks.  Ridgefield will take every reasonable precaution to mitigate these risks and host the safest events possible in accordance with State, County and Local guidelines.  While risks cannot be eliminated, they can be mitigated significantly by following proper guidelines. A large part of any success in this regard falls on you, our participants.

This document outlines our COVID-19 risk mitigation guidelines, policies and procedures for GAMEDAY. We ask that you read fully the guidelines detailed below and adhere to these policies to the best of your ability.  We are all in this together and we look forward to seeing you at our facility.



·         Scheduling

·         Spectator Policy + High Risk Individuals

·         Symptom Screening

·         Survey


During the Game

·         Medical Staff

·         Face Coverings

·         Game Ball (s)

·         Social Distancing

·         Restrooms

·         Inclement Weather

·         Symptoms on Site



·         COVID-19 Contact Tracing





·         Schedule structure is one of the most effective risk mitigation tools we will use.

·         Games will be scheduled with at least a 30-minute buffer to prevent overlap of participants.

o   Start times should be staggered where no more than half of the complex is changing over at any given time.  Games will end in a tie if time expires.

Spectator Policy + High Risk Individuals

·         We are requesting that families allow no more than 1 parent/guardian per family to attend the event with each player.  Adherence to this policy will help ensure that the event is in compliance with the maximum outdoor gathering limit of 100 as set forth by the Sector Rules in Phase II.

·         People at high risk for severe illness from COVID-19 SHOULD NOT attend our events.

·         Due to the definition of the high-risk population changing as more data comes in, below is the link from the CDC which outlines all high-risk groups who should take extra precautions:


Symptom Screening

·         If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 (see below) or have been exposed to someone confirmed to have COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to the event, or you have tested positive yourself in the last 14 days, then you should stay home and consult with your primary care provider.

·         All attendees are responsible for self-screening of COVID-19 related symptoms prior to arrival at an event.  Team coaches will confirm with their field marshals that this has been completed prior to the first game.  Per the CDC, symptoms of Covid-19 include:

o   Fever

o   Chills

o   Cough

o   Nasal congestion

o   Runny nose

o   Sore throat

o   Shortness of breath

o   Difficulty breathing

o   Diarrhea

o   Nausea

o   Vomiting

o   Fatigue

o   Headache

o   Muscle aches

o   Body aches

o   Recent loss of taste or smell

Health Assessment Survey

·         A completed electronic Health Assessment Survey must be submitted for every child participating in the game prior to the arrival.




Medical Staff

We have always taken the health and safety of players at our events very seriously and hire ample medical staff to accomplish this goal.

·         A COVID-19 Coordinator (Field Marshall) will be on site to monitor that policies are being adhered to and will serve as the point person for any related incidents.

·         An EMT will be staffed and available throughout the facility.

·         Injury ice will be available upon request.

Face Coverings

·         Wearing face coverings and masks protects yourself and others around you when social distancing cannot be maintained.

·         Per the CT Governor’s Executive order No.7BB all spectators, coaches, officials and athletes when not playing are REQUIRED to wear face coverings while in attendance and especially in common areas where social distancing is not practicable.

·         It is NOT required that players, referees or coaches wear face coverings during active participation in a game but is required whenever social distancing is not practicable outside of game play.

Game Ball(s)

·         The ball should be cleaned and sanitized throughout the contest.

·         The offensive team should bring their own ball into the game and hand to the referee.

·         The ball(s) should be changed out every quarter.

Social Distancing

·         All players and spectators should maintain social distancing of 6 feet while on-site and not actively participating in game play.

·         Participants should refrain from unnecessary physical contact with teammates, opposing coaches/players, officials, staff and fans such as handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, hugs and goal celebrations.

·         Bleachers and stands will be open to spectators; however, 6 foot social distancing is required and masks must be worn at all times.  Any person that fails to comply with this order will be asked to leave the facility immediately.

Team Tents/ Tailgating

·         NO TEAM TENTS will be allowed and tailgating is prohibited.


·         There are no restrooms on site.

Inclement Weather

·         All families should shelter in their vehicles during inclement weather.

·         There will be NO common shelter areas at events in order to eliminate crowding in contained areas.




COVID-19 Case Reporting

·         All participants and families must vacate the premises immediately following the end of the game.  Loitering is prohibited.

·         Any participant or team member who was on-site at the event and tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of the event should report that positive test to the President of Ridgefield Youth Football and Ridgefield’s Director of Safety, immediately.

·         If RYFC is informed of a COVID-19 case at one of our facilities, we will communicate that information to local authorities and the team coaches who may have been in contact with the affected player.  Team coaches will be responsible for passing that information to their players and families.

·         For privacy reasons, no identifying information will be disclosed during the notification process.

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